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It’s that time of year where tea is always in hand, earthy spices grace every recipe, and warm dishes are go-to. Fall is also the season of one of my favorite desserts, caramel apples! How often do you take the time to make a caramel apple — if you’re like me, then not often since it’s laborious. I deconstructed this fall classic and made Raw Caramel, which is a no-cooking-required caramel sauce, with fresh sliced apples topped with almonds and more goodies.

For those of you who’ve missed this fact about me, I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, and we’re big fans of caramel apples — specifically those from Kings Island (anyone!?). If you’ve ever attempted to make caramel at home, you’ll know that it can be time-consuming; you can get it wrong and burn the caramel.  And most of all, it’s hard to find a delicious tasting dairy-free version. That was until I shared my Raw Caramel sauce from 2015 that had a viral moment and people went crazy for it!
The Raw Caramel itself is really easy to make; all you need is a handful of ingredients in the pantry and a blender. The star ingredient in this recipe is fresh apples.  Getting seasonal produce makes all the difference in the world in general, and if you can get your hands on local, fresh apples then you’ll really elevate this recipe. I love using Fuji apples, pink lady, and Honeycrisp, but the beauty is that you can use whatever apple you enjoy most and have in season. Another point to mention here if you’re allergic to apples, or just don’t enjoy the taste and texture of them, you can use a fresh pear, persimmon, or plum. But I highly recommend apples, since that has a nice crunch and texture to them! This recipe is:
Easy to make
Encourages the use of seasonal fruit
A healthier way to satisfy a candy craving
Kid-friendly since it’s so tasty, but a great way to get kiddos to eat fiber-rich fruit